Liturgical Ministries


Eucharistic Ministers and Ministers to the Sick

Eucharistic Ministers distribute Holy Communion during the Mass.  Ministers of the Eucharist must be fully initiated Catholics (Baptized, First Eucharist and Confirmed); must be of excellent moral character; if married, must have observed the marriage requirements of the Catholic Church; should be prayerful; and should exhibit signs of special devotion to the Eucharist.  These ministers undergo special training at the diocesan and parish level.  This ministry is mandated by the Bishop of Calgary for a 3-year term. On average, ministers are scheduled to distribute the Eucharist once or twice per month.  Eucharistic Ministers also  bring Holy Communion to shut-in members of the parish after the Lord’s Day Masses on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

Ministry of the Word

The Minister of the Word or Lector must have a love for the scriptures; must be willing to study the scriptures to be proclaimed; must be of good moral character and reputation; and if married; and, if married, must have observed the marriage requirements of the Catholic Church. Lectors must speak clearly and must be confident in front of people. Training on an individual basis is provided, as well as through mandatory diocesan workshops. These ministers are mandated by the Bishop of Calgary for a 3-year commitment. Ministers are scheduled to read at Mass once every 3 or 4 weeks and may also assist at special functions during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Volunteers assist with teaching children, ages five and higher, about the message in the Sunday readings at a level the children can understand.  This program takes place during the 10:45 a.m. Sunday Mass every week.  Volunteers serve usually one or two Sundays per month.

Choir, Cantors, Instrumentalists, and Youth Choir

The various choirs and cantors in the parish are a dynamic group of singers who enhance our Sunday Masses as well as other Holy Day liturgies throughout the year.  All choirs are in need of people who are skilled in instrumental music and enjoy offering their talents in a group setting.  A Youth Choir composed of students in grades four to twelve leads the Sunday 10:45 am mass once a month.  Choir practices are held on different weekday evenings, or sometimes just before mass begins, depending on the choir.  Cantors lead the congregation in singing.  Choir members and Cantors require a good singing voice and a willingness to participate on a regular basis.  For more information about choir at Canadian Martyrs, please contact Andreas Berko.  For information about the Youth Choir please contact Kathryn Berko.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls in grade three and higher are eligible to be altar servers.  They assist the priest at Mass and have an indispensable role in helping the liturgy be celebrated with dignity and reverence.  Training sessions  are held on several occasions throughout the year.  Servers are scheduled to serve Masses twice per month and are often asked to serve at special liturgies, weddings, and funerals.  Altar servers must have received their First Holy Communion.

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Ushers greet parishioners and guests to the Parish, arrange gift bearers, tidy the Church after Masses, and strive to assist people with special needs.  They ensure that all people feel welcome and comfortable at Canadian Martyrs Parish. Ushers are scheduled to serve at a particular Mass on two Sundays per month.  This Ministry is open to men and women and mature youth of the parish.

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