Catechetical Ministries

Catechists and Sponsors for RCIA

The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is an invitation to un-baptized persons to join the community of Catholic Christians, through the reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.  It is also open to those Christians, baptized through other faiths, who wish to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. The process is a journey of faith in which the parish community assists in preparing the candidates for the reception of the sacraments by catechesis, sponsorship, and, above all, by prayer. Catechists make a commitment of 1 1/2 hours per week, from September until May, and they should have some knowledge of the adult faith learning process, as well as a basic knowledge of the Catholic faith. Sponsors support the candidates on their faith journey and are encouraged to attend all sessions with the candidate.

Children's Catechetical Program (Catechists)

Volunteers work with the parish coordinator to assist children age 7 or higher who have not completed sacramental preparation programs to learn about their faith.  Faith formation is provided for all catechists.  Ideally we would like parents who have children enrolled in the program to assist, but we are happy to include anyone who is a fully initiated Catholic over the age of 16 to assist with this ministry.  This is a great ministry for aspiring Catholic teachers because it provides great practice in teaching religion.  It also helps potential teachers to know their faith more fully, while providing a valuable service to our faith community.

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